What Sets Us Apart?

How many times have you heard “Architects are great designers but don’t know how things are built.” Linekstudio is different. As the President and Founder of Linekstudio, Joseph V. Linek has made it a point to design and build things, whether it was forts as a young boy or houses, furniture, cars and landscape as an adult, Mr. Linek has always made sure he knew how things went together-first hand. Joseph is consistently starting new personal projects for the simple enjoyment of building what he designs. During his education years he purposely obtained jobs that put him front and center on the construction site where he absorbed a large quantity of construction knowledge. In addition to his comprehensive construction experience, Joseph also studied Architecture for an extensive period in Italy and Switzerland and continues to keep up with the latest trends. As a registered Architect Mr. Linek uses his knowledge and talent to make Linekstudio a hardworking commonsense Architecture studio with a practical flair for design.


Linekstudio,ltd. is a full service Architecture Design Firm coupled with A Creative Art Studio. We provide comprehensive services from architectural and interior design to engineering. Linekstudio works with a client from conception through occupancy and remains a dedicated resource long after the project is complete.  Using our extensive experience in Architecture, Art, and Construction our dynamic Architecture studio strives to bring quality services to our clients at a competitive price.  Through diverse experience Linekstudio, ltd. offers comprehensive architectural services for numerous building typologies such as Commercial, Industrial, Educational, Religious, Retail, Recreation/Leisure, Residential, Multifamily, Agricultural, and Restaurant/Service.

Our Deep, Rich History

Joseph Linek Sr.     Original founding member of Linekstudio 

Joseph Linek Sr.

Original founding member of Linekstudio 

Linekstudio was originally founded in 1906 by Joseph Linek’s Great Grandfather Joseph Linek Sr. and initially opened in a modest house but soon moved to a storefront in Cleveland Ohio’s Fleet Avenue neighborhood.   As a first generation American, Joseph Linek Sr. knew the opportunities America presented, and he seized them. He had a passion for life and wanted to document all that he could on film.   So, he opened his first studio and offered photographic services and later opened an early movie theater. He was on the cutting edge of technology at the time. His passion for his family led him to expand his talent and business into carpentry and architectural design where he designed and built his own residences and several other fine homes. Joseph Linek Sr. was an expert craftsman who appreciated quality design. In addition to photography and Architecture, he also appreciated art and became both a wood carver and sculptor.

In 2012 Linekstudio was reborn with the same passion and drive that started it all, one hundred and six years ago.


Our Bedrock Ideals: 

  • We respect the history, environment, and surrounding contexts of our projects.  
  • We have an appreciation for quality craftsmanship and aesthetics and our designs are energy efficient and innovative.  
  • We believe our ability to assess spatial relationships quickly allows us to come to agreeable solutions in a timely manner.  
  • We keep an open mind while finding you a favorable solution.  
  • We trust that both quality Architecture and Design can exist within set budgets and schedules.   
  • We feel communication and collaboration between client and company is an important part of the equation to achieve the desired goals of a project.   

As a registered Architect, Joseph V. Linek relies on his past experience to provide quality service.  Living and studying in Italy and Europe has enhanced his appreciation for design while his 22 years of working in Architecture has honed his ability to produce creative, cost effective, and detailed construction documents.  Finally, his hands-on experience of working in the building and construction industry for ten years prior to his architecture career has given him an admiring appreciation for hard work and quality craftsmanship.

At Linekstudio, we feel Art, Science, Invention, and Creativity must be combined to find elegant solutions.  We further believe abundant answers to design problems are given to us in nature.... we just have to look for them, recognize them, and apply them.