Timber Frame

Linekstudio has developed a passion for Timber Frame construction and design.  The art of Timber Framing has been around for 2000 years and it evokes a true connection to nature.  The timbers are harvested from local forests and crafted and assembled without the use of steel fasteners.  Living within a timber frame is a truly inspirational experience.  Timber Frame buildings have proven to be legacy structures that last for generations.  With high quality craftsmanship and joinery, which are often exquisite masterpieces, the Timber Frame structure can hold its value and continue to inspire for centuries.  Coupled with todays modern building skin technology these structures become some of the most energy efficient and sustainable buildings being constructed today.

Linekstudio has teamed with two highly knowledgeable and skilled timber frame craftsman for several of the timber frame projects shown below.  Please visit their websites for a glimpse into their incredible craftsmanship and dedication to the art of Timber Framing   

Sweetgrass Joinery Company     

David Yasenchack Timber framing and Design